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Online Loader Maker

Here you can create your own private Habbo Hotel and owning it in just a few minutes. Moreover, as you finish creating it will be ready for everyone to come and play

Before you begin, please note the following:

- Client files, web access and server (emulator) Habbo Hotel will be hosted on your own computer and users will connect to it to enter.

- When hosting a server, you allow anyone in the world to connect to your computer. Your IP address and server port will be public.

- You may need to make changes to the system configuration, such as allowing access to certain ports in the firewall or open ports on router.

- HabboLoader only deal with detecting whether or not your server works and provide a link to it so that those who wish to enter.

- The files needed for the creation of the server are not, in any case, staying in HabboLoader. Only links to external downloads are provided.

- HabboLoader not responsible for any private server created by following these steps nor offer any warranty or support.


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